Uniteck Battery Charger 8.12

KD 47.000


12V – 8A Battery charger for 10-250Ah Batteries
With the last generation multi-stage charging algorithm, UNICHARGE perfectly recharges all the way to 100% and without supervision all lead-acid batteries: liquid electrolyte, flooded and AGM (maintenance-free).
Designed and developed for all uses, UNICHARGE is the ideal charger to recharge solar batteries, vehicles batteries (car, motorcycle, scooter,  snow scooter, tractor, agricultural machines), boat batteries, alarm batteries, fence batteries…

UNICHARGE 8.12 is much more than simple standard chargers, it :
 Repairs and recharges deeply discharged batteries (>0V),
 Repairs batteries which could have started a stratification process,
 Preserves batteries from all stratification phenomenon (recondition mode, 8.12 model),
 Avoids self-discharge of the batteries during long winters or storage periods while improving their lifespan.
UNICHARGE is fitted as standard with a clamp connection kit, but also with an eyelet connection kit, ideal for regular charges or for hard to access batteries which disposes of charge control technology on its eyelet connection, which allows to visually and simply check the level of charge of your battery.

DC output voltage :  12 V.
Charging intensity :  2/8 A.
Charging stages :  9.
Battery capacity : 10-250 Ah.
AC input voltage : 230 V AC ±10% 50Hz.
Battery types :  Lead-acid liquid, AGM, gel
Ambient working temperature : -20 °C to +70 °C
Protection rating :  IP65.

Uniteck Battery Charger 8.12

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