Pro Ear Mask

KD 26.000


IST ME55 and ME80 Pro Ear Sealed Dive Mask. Pressure equalization can be very easily achieved with IST ProEar mask.
The IST ProEar Mask is manufactured to the highest standard and only the best materials are used. It is designed to counter the most of the unavoidable effects pressure and water have on the ears so you can have more enjoyment bottom time.

A: Optical Lenses(ME80 & ME55 only):  Prescription lenses are available in diopters from -1.0 to -8.0 in -0.5 decrement.
 B: Skirt : Made from the best grade of crystal clear, hypoallergenic silicone, the skirt is soft and automatically conforms to a wide range of facial profiles.
C: Silicone strap :  Mounted on swivel buckles, the strap with its large contact surface secures the mask to the wearer.

Pro Ear Mask

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