Inox Sling Shaft 6 mm

KD 16.000


The original Cressi-sub shafts, in 6 mm version offer exceptional durability due to the special steel construction. They are highly resistant to shock and bending.
Having spare spear shafts on hand when out on the hunt is just good sense. Don’t let a damaged spear shaft ruin a day or multi-day Hunting Trip. Cressi’s 6 mm (0.24″) diameter spear shafts are made from corrosion resistant tempered stainless steel for strength, durability, low maintenance and long life. Spear shaft has a Tahitian style tip with a single flopper barb that hugs the spear shaft for maximum penetration yet provides superior holding power once it penetrates the fish.
This Shaft is the original Cressi shaft suitable for  Comanche,  Geronimo, Apache, Sioux.

Inox Sling Shaft 6 mm

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